MABA Memorial Awards


This award is given to the Tier 1 first place finisher in the Chicken category in the MABA Master Series Team of the Year program every year and presented at the Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony in memory of Bill Allen. Bill, a former MABA member and part of the 270 Smokers BBQ family, with his Hollywood ‘N’ Swine team, competed mainly in the mid-Atlantic and east coast dating back to 2011.

Bill was known as a great guy with a huge heart, and personality to match, by his peers on the mid-Atlantic BBQ circuit. Bill was well known for mentoring new pitmasters. He would spend hours every day on the phone coaching less experienced cooks, freely sharing his knowledge, and traveled to their sites to coach them through test cooks. Long before the plethora of online BBQ classes, there was Bill!! The ultimate “Dial-A-Friend”! Such a huge, beautiful heart!! If you are wondering about his team name, Hollywood ‘N’ Swine, Bill lived in New Jersey and loved getting on set as an extra when movies or TV shows were shooting in Jersey or NYC!

On March 14th, 2015 Bill unexpectedly passed away after just finishing the Flames on the Flint BBQ Cook Off contest in Bainbridge, Georgia where he had just scored a perfect 180 in chicken earlier that day. To honor Bill, MABA dedicated the MABA Tier 1 Chicken Team of the Year award in Bill’s name beginning with the 2015 season. In 2019, the Tier 1 Chicken Points Chase series for Masters was renamed the Bill Allen Memorial Points Chase going forward. 270 Smokers recently had commemorative stickers made of the Hollywood ‘N’ Swine logo. If anyone would like one, they can PM the 270 Smokers Facebook page with their address!

Winners of the Bill Allen Chicken Team of the Year Award

2023 – Good Googly Goo BBQ
2022 –
2020+2021 Super Season – Good Googly Goo BBQ
2019 – Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
2018 – Aporkalypse Now BBQ
2017 – Old Virginia Smoke
2016 – 3 Eyz BBQ
2015 (Inaugural) – 3 Eyz BBQ



This award is given to the first place finisher in the sausage ancillary every year at the New Holland Summer Fest competition in New Holland, PA in memory of Jim Glatfelter. Jim and his Pequea Pullers team, named after the Pequea Boat Club to which he was a member, competed at New Holland Summer Fest every year dating back to 2008 until his passing. Since then, the team still competes and has made appearances as Jim’s Pequea Pullers. Jim passed away on August 14th, 2015 while riding his motorcycle. To honor his success in cooking the sausage ancillary at New Holland Summer Fest, MABA sponsored the award beginning a few short weeks after his passing in 2015.The inaugural award was a cup trophy before switching over to the current cherry trophy because of his fondness for cherry moonshine and the cherries within each jar. “It has to be an odd number and one doesn’t count!” referring to how many cherries one would consume at a competition.

Winners of the Jim Glatfelter Memorial Sausage Award
2022 – Stumpy Coals
2021 – A 2 Z
2020 – (Event Cancelled)
2019 – Smokin’ Hot Piggies
2018 – Pigheaded BBQ
2017 – Galvinell’s Meat Monkeys
2016 – Papa’s Smokin’ Again
2015 (Inaugural) – Smokin’ Turtle Low N Slow Bar-Be-Que