Board Members Present
George DeMartz President
Greg Boggs Vice President
Bill Jones Treasurer
Shannon Turner Secretary
Dave Travis
Travis Murphy
Chris Schriver
Norris “Syd” Sydnor
Theresa Bell
David Dick
Frank Krause
Lisa Dommes Past President

Board Members Absent
Andrew Shaffer

Call to Order
George DeMartz called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m., noting the presence of a quorum.

Reading of Mission Statement
The Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association (MABA) is a social organization representing BBQ
competitors, steak competitors, backyard cooks, certified judges, organizers and others united by
love of America’s cuisine–BBQ! 
MABA provides information to its members about backyard BBQ, competition steak and BBQ,
and the BBQ and grilling industry, facilitates social events and contests and serves as the vehicle
for camaraderie amongst BBQ enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region.
George DeMartz read the Mission Statement.

Approval of Minutes
Travis Murphy moved to approve the minutes of the December 7, 2022 Board Meeting as
presented. Chris Schriver seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Committee Reports and Action Item Discussion
A. Publications Committee – Chris Schriver provided an update on social media activity.

B. Website/Technology Committee – Chris Schriver
C. Finance Committee – Bill Jones provided the December financial reports.
D. Banquet Committee – Jon Wade and Mac Talbert will be collaborating on the catering and
menu. Donations will be sought for the contest raffle, cooker raffle and general raffle.
E. Nominations Committee – Lisa Dommes/Chris Schriver
F. Membership – Greg Boggs provided the membership reports
G. Strategic Planning – Greg w/assistance from George (current Bylaws dictate this)
H. Contest Committee – Committee is a resource for contest organizers and organizations to
build, run and host a successful contest. Build a resource guide.

Unfinished Business
A. Welcome New BOD members Frank Krause, David Dick, Andy Shaffer and returning
BOD Members Bill Jones & George DeMartz
a. Discuss Bylaws and installation of BOD Members after the Annual Meeting
b. Discuss standardizing some wording on the election and results due to the nature
of the bylaw conflict and election timeframe.
i. Bylaws are clear on BOD member installation timeframe, our election was
ii. We want our new BOD members to help, assist, onboard and voice

1. Transition timeline discussed at a high level to be considered prior
to next election

B. Banquet Awards and Trophies
a. Awards have been ordered; George DeMartz will send the template out for
i. Can only have 30% donations to remain at current organization level so
will table the donation offer for additional awards until next year when the
bylaws can be reviewed/potentially updated; Frank Krause will begin to
review the financial implications of accepting new gifts.

b. Venue has been secured
c. Shuttle bus has been cancelled due to lack of CDL licensed driver
d. Working on hotel block; George DeMartz, David Dick and Lisa Dommes will
work offline on this
e. Create a sign-up sheet for committees for the banquet asking for volunteers

C. Smithfield and Butcher Shoppe contributions; George DeMartz is working with B&B for
any contributions; need Chiles’ help to get final commitments from Oklahoma Joe’s.
Chris Schriver will contact Mason Dixon for Rookie Team of the Year; Gunter Willheim
has been contacted for knives/knife rolls

D. ToY Points / Position Audit

a. An audit of the TOY standings is underway, and adjustments are being made as necessary.
David Dick has done a lot in 2022 to validate the scores and add automation.

New Business
A. President’s Award – There was discussion about reviving the President’s Award, presented
to an outstanding volunteer. Traditionally, the Board President has selected the recipient.
Since it is a MABA award, should give a plaque or something similar – can add this to the
Steel Images order or use a local award company.

B. Banquet Menu
a. Need to finalize / work with Jon / Mac / David Dick / George DeMartz – Italian style
banquet menu (family style)

C. Banquet Presentation / Highlights / Accomplishments: Use presentation from last year and
update for 2022 – George DeMartz will circulate; everyone should provide contributions;
need to add Memorials, etc.

D. Create event for banquet so members can register – Chris Schriver

E. Raffle Discussion
a. How are we going to organize the raffle – IE: Masters / BY / Steak / Product / Other
items. Use the tickets for the raffle we have on hand; individuals who contacted folks
last year, contact the same this year for contest raffles; consider emailing contest
vouchers to winners; use a QR code on the voucher so the team is led to a site to
populate any data
b. George DeMartz will set up a weekly meeting to finalize banquet details
c. Summary of Raffle Items (Need committee)
i. Cooker Raffle
ii. On-Site Raffle

F. KCBS BOD Endorsement by MABA – Send a reminder to members that two MABA
members are running for KCBS BOD and go out and vote. George DeMartz proposed that
we raise awareness that two MABA members are running for KCBS BOD via social media
and Mad Mimi, please consider voting and have your voice heard. Include hyperlinks to
KCBS Bios. Travis Murphy and George DeMartz will develop language and add the post to
social media.

G. Question from team re: whether 1 meat contests contribute to Tier 2 ToY. Per the MABA
rules, only 4 meat contests go towards ToY/contest numbers. Will need to double-check how
the BBQ Data information comes into the MABA standings.

H. MABA logo inclusion on SCA shirt

I. Individual Motions/Votes to fund the MABA Programs – will table until after banquet
a. Steak
b. BY
c. Tier II
d. Tier I

e. MABA Cup

J. TOY Notification in advance of banquet – George DeMartz will notify the recipients

K. New Program Discussion (Do we have any, will it cost money?) – will table until after

L. MABA STATE CUP CONTEST LOCATION – will table until after banquet

M. State Cup & Belt awards budget.
a. DE
i. ?
b. MD
i. ?
c. NJ
i. ?
d. NY
i. ?
e. PA
i. ?
f. WV
i. ?
g. VA
i. ?
h. NC
i. ?

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Motion to adjourn: Bill Jones; Second: Shannon Turner; motion passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Turner
Secretary, MABA