Board Members Present
George DeMartz President
Bill Jones Treasurer
Shannon Turner Secretary
Dave Travis
David Dick
Travis Murphy
Theresa Bell
Lisa Dommes Past President

Board Members Absent
Andrew Shaffer
Frank Krause

Call to Order
George DeMartz called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m., noting the presence of a quorum.

Reading of Mission Statement
The Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association (MABA) is a social organization representing BBQ competitors, steak competitors, backyard cooks, certified judges, organizers and others united by love of America’s cuisine–BBQ! MABA provides information to its members about backyard BBQ, competition steak and BBQ, and the BBQ and grilling industry, facilitates social events and contests and serves as the vehicle for camaraderie amongst BBQ enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Shannon Turner read the Mission Statement.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the January meeting, the Annual meeting and these minutes will be approved during the March meeting.

Election of Officers
Nominations for Officers:
o President: George DeMartz – nominated by Shannon Turner; seconded by Travis Murphy; carried unanimously
o Vice President: Travis Murphy – nominated by George DeMartz; seconded by Dave Travis; carried unanimously
o Secretary: Shannon Turner – nominated by Travis Murphy; seconded by Theresa Bell; carried unanimously
o Treasurer: Bill Jones – nominated by Dave Travis; seconded by Shannon Turner; carried unanimously

A. State Cup & Belt awards budget. George DeMartz will send out Facebook polls for the State Cups
a. DE
b. MD
c. NJ
d. NY
e. PA
f. WV
g. VA
h. NC

• George DeMartz will send a poll to agree day of monthly Board meeting.

Committee Reports and Action Item Discussion
A. Publications Committee – Travis Murphy will take over committee.
B. Website/Technology Committee – TBD; Chris Schriver is willing to be on the committee
C. Finance Committee – Bill Jones will continue to lead committee.
D. Banquet Committee – Lisa Dommes will lead committee; Travis Murphy, David Dick, Theresa Bell would like to participate on committee; include Sponsorship subcommittee under Banquet Committee
E. Nominations Committee – TBD
F. Membership (including ToY) – David Dick will take over committee
G. Strategic Planning – Travis Murphy will take over committee
H. Contest Committee – TBD; Committee is a resource for contest organizers and organizations to build, run and host a successful contest. Build a resource guide.

Unfinished Business – To Discuss in March
A. Discuss standardizing some wording on the election and results due to the nature of the bylaw conflict and election timeframe.
a. Bylaws are clear on BOD member installation timeframe, our election was early
i. We want our new BOD members to help, assist, onboard and voice opinions.

  1. Transition timeline discussed at a high level to be considered prior to next election

New Business – To Discuss in March
B. President’s Award – There was discussion about reviving the President’s Award, presented to an outstanding volunteer. Traditionally, the Board President has selected the recipient. Since it is a MABA award, should give a plaque or something similar – can add this to the Steel Images order or use a local award company.

C. Individual Motions/Votes to fund the MABA Programs – will table until after banquet
a. Steak
b. BY
c. Tier II
d. Tier I
e. MABA Cup

D. New Program Discussion (Do we have any, will it cost money?) – will table until after banquet

The meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.
Motion to adjourn: George DeMartz; Second: Travis Murphy; motion passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Turner
Secretary, MABA