Meet the 2023 MABA Committees

Bylaws Committee

Frank Krause – Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

Shannon Turner – Chair

Sponsorship Sub-Committee

Travis Murphy – Chair

Finance Committee

Bill Jones – Chair

Glenn Zobel

Lisa Dommes

Membership Committee

David Dick – Chair

Frank Krause

Publications Committee

Travis Murphy – Chair

Chris Schriver

Jamie Trader

George DeMartz

Steve Dotson

Lisa Dommes

Want to help, but don’t feel that you can make an ongoing commitment? We always welcome volunteers who would like to contribute an article, photos or a video clip for our newsletter or social media platforms. Please email with your ideas for a contest recap, tips and tricks, team profile, or other items of interest.

Website/Technology Committee

Andrew Shaffer – Chair

Lisa Dommes

Chris Schriver

Nominations Committee

TBD – Chair

Banquet Committee

Lisa Dommes – Chair

Bill Jones

Theresa Bell

David Dick

Travis Murphy