Meet the 2022 MABA Committees

Bylaws Committee

TBD – Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

George DeMartz – Chair

Greg Boggs

Finance Committee

Bill Jones – Chair

Membership Committee

Greg Boggs – Chair

Backyard Membership Sub-Committee

Travis Murphy – Chair

Steak Membership Sub-Committee

Greg Boggs – Chair

Publications Committee

Chris Schriver – Chair

Dave Travis

Want to help, but don’t feel that you can make an ongoing commitment? We always welcome volunteers who would like to contribute an article, photos or a video clip for our newsletter or social media platforms. Please email with your ideas for a contest recap, tips and tricks, team profile, or other items of interest.

Website/Technology Committee

Chris Schriver – Chair

Norris (Syd) Sydnor

Travis Murphy

Dave Travis

Nominations Committee

Chris Schriver – Chair

Theresa Bell