Board Members Present

George DeMartz                     President

Shannon Turner                       Secretary

Bill Jones                                Treasurer

Travis Murphy

Theresa Bell

Chris Schriver

Norris “Syd” Sydnor

Lisa Dommes                          Past President

Board Members Absent

Dave Travis

Greg Boggs                             Vice President

Call to Order

George DeMartz called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m., noting the presence of a quorum.

Reading of Mission Statement

The Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association (MABA) is a social organization representing BBQ competitors, backyard cooks, BBQ judges and others united by love of America’s cuisine–BBQ! 

MABA provides information to its members about BBQ and the BBQ industry, facilitates social events and contests and serves as the vehicle for camaraderie amongst BBQ enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Shannon Turner read the Mission Statement.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Sept. 14, 2022 and Oct. 5, 2002 Board Meeting were agreed. Motion to accept the minutes by Theresa Bell.  Motion seconded by Chris Schriver.  Motion passed unanimously.

Unfinished Business

  • Knife for NY:  A new knife will be created and provided to Top Gun Barbeque
  • Bonfire Storefront (
  • Bill will confirm with the PayPal account has been linked to Bonfire
  • will be launched via social media once everything is ready
  • BOD Discussion (VENUE):  Let’s plan for Feb. 18th weekend
  • The Maine has been selected; George DeMartz motioned to approve The Maine as venue and accept Feb. 18 as the date for the banquet; Shannon Turner seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
    1. Request for caterers need to be sent (Jon and Mac)         
    2. Guest ticket price should be determined once we receive the caterer numbers
    3. Give President’s Award to an outstanding volunteer who has provided support to MABA
    4. Trophies need to be quoted and ordered; Chris to reach out and request a quote from Steel Images; George DeMartz made a motion that once we receive the quote we agree to ordering via FB poll; Theresa Bell seconded the motion; motion passed unanimously
  • Solicitation of Contest donations – Greg Boggs is working on updating the spreadsheet and it should be available in a week; Greg will reach out to BOD members individually
  • 2022 Sponsorship outreach
  • Steak
  • Smithfield
  • Oklahoma Joes – Chiles is working on
  • B&B – 1,000 Commitment to our ToY programs
  • The Butcher Shoppe – Chiles is working on
  • ShoreSmoke Seasonings
  • Big Jim Hudgins
  • Mac Talbert – Discussion; George and Greg will meet with Mac;
  • GrillBillies BBQ sponsorship discussion
  • Cotton Gin smoker – will be donating a Harvester model (raffle); would like to be a business sponsor as well
  • UDS parts – sponsor top 3 in backyard; give custom build kit to top 3 winners; will only commit to 2022 but want 1st priority for overall backyard for a 2 year commitment starting next year; will provide small items/door prizes, etc.; would like to be a business sponsor as well
  • Inkbird Thermometers: working with Travis on sponsorship; will provide small items for door prizes, etc.
  • PK Grill will be raffled off – Greg will bring to banquet
  • MABA Cup Rules Revision (date for teams to declare they are attending); use the letter explaining that they are part of the MABA Cup and have to accept the invitation by certain cutoff dates; will continue to have a 2 day total; Bill will send email to George/Chris and he will send to qualifying teams (Jan. 15 is early bird deadline for Urbanna)

New Business

  1. Business member review / update on how we can steer members toward them; Chris would like to add a list of business members to website; Greg has provided the list to Chris; Chris will review the business member list and it is with website committee to deliver
  2. Clarification of Membership benefits:  Chris sent out a redline of what is on the website currently; Chris will make some updates and then provide to BOD for review
  3. Discussion on Call for Nominations: Lisa got the emails set up and social media has been updated; we have received some emails regarding nominations but no nominations received to date
  4. Dues Discussion – 2023: Greg has started reviewing the data of members and their types of memberships – tabled until new members join BOD
  5. Ask the members to double-check their ToY points to ensure their points have been captured accurately (sometimes names are spelled wrong and the points aren’t captured for that team); Dave Dick and Travis Murphy to work on this; recommend that members use the email link for questions around ToY points from the website

Committee Reports and Action Item Discussion

  1. Membership Committee – Greg
    1. Backyard Subcommittee
    1. Steak Subcommittee
  2. Publications Committee – Chris; had our first downturn in social media followers this past month; dropped 40 followers last month 
  3. Website/Technology Committee – Chris; process started for notes for the website for a successor can use to maintain the website; getting the website caught up; has started adding classes to website; removing application process for Steak and Backyard; Memorial page added to website (under About MABA tab); there is now a page for member discounts on webpage
  4. Finance Committee – Bill
  5. Bylaws Committee – Greg
  6. Strategic Planning – Greg w/assistance from George (current Bylaws dictate this)
  7. Nominations Committee – Chris/Theresa


The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.

Motion to adjourn: Syd; Second: Travis Murphy; motion passed unanimously