Board Members Present

George DeMartz                     President

Greg Boggs                             Vice President

Shannon Turner                       Secretary

Bill Jones                                Treasurer

Theresa Bell

Travis Murphy

Dave Travis

Lisa Dommes                          Past President

Board Members Absent

Chris Schriver

Norris “Syd” Sydnor

Call to Order

George DeMartz called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m., noting the presence of a quorum. George DeMartz read the Mission Statement.

Approval of Minutes

Greg Boggs moved to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2022 Annual Meeting. Theresa Bell seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

General Business

MABA Merchandise/Branding

Business cards with QR codes and stickers should be ordered to hand out at contests to advertise MABA.  George DeMartz has generic business cards, etc. but no stickers.

Sponsorship Outreach

  • Steak
  • Smithfield
  • Oklahoma Joes
  • B&B – 1,000 Commitment to our ToY programs
  • The Butcher Shoppe
  • Big Jim Hudgins
  • Mac Talbert
  • Grillbilllies – backyard?
  • Lancaster BBQ
  • Mason Dixon (maybe combine Grillbillies, Lancaster, Smokin’ Dude and Mason Dixon to sponsor Backyard)
  • UDS Parts?

We need to prepare Slide Deck presentations for Smithfield, Oklahoma Joes, The Butcher Shoppe and GrillBillies BBQ around sponsorship.  I’d like to see this approached as a group effort.

  • Chris Schriver has had/developed a base Deck.  We all need to work together and tidy up our sponsorship for the 2022 season as we are behind this year.
    • George DeMartz will follow up with Chris Schriver to obtain the slidepack; will circulate it to Travis Murphy, Norris “Syd” Sydnor, Greg Boggs, Shannon Turner for comment and there will be separate meetings to discuss comments.

Backyard ToY

  • Discussion (Backyard ToY Calculation Sheet)
    • Worked with David to create a tracking sheet for Backyard ToY.
      • George DeMartz spoke with David Dick and David agreed to take ownership of the tracking spreadsheet. 
    • If the BOD is amicable, he is willing to own it, and work with me to publish it within 1 – 2 weeks of contest completion.  George will interface with David directly on it.
  • A Code of Conduct should be created for MABA and make this part of renewal or sign-up.
  • As a back-up, Travis will continue to update the Backyard ToY points.  George will also maintain a copy in the MABA files.  If this activity is successful, we can consider using this for other categories, such as Steak.
  • Mid Summer Raffle (Need to Plan it)
    • Alpha Pizza oven – MABA will pay 1/2 of cost ($425) to Lancaster BBQ Supply, they are donating the other 1/2.
      • George will ask Lancaster to send an invoice to MABA
      • Will shipping cost extra?
      • How much to charge for tickets?  $5 each; 5 tickets for $20
    • Need to organize the raffle, put on website, gather some additional items, etc.
      • George motion to purchase the pizza oven at ½ cost and set up a raffle in June 1, raffle right before Labor Day holiday; Second:  Shannon; Motion passed
  • One Meat Contests
    • If we decide to add these to MABA, it is easy to add them to the Pro teams but has to be done manually for Backyard; will not recommend to implement this at this time

Committee Reports


  • Memberships are up
  • Jon Wade’s membership had to be updated as it wasn’t showing him as a standing member; will move to business member next year
  • A member changed their name to something different from their name so wasn’t called out as a MABA team member

Backyard ToY:  No update provided.

Steak ToY: No update provided.


  • George will forward an update to BoD


  • George will forward an update to BoD


  • Had to readjust a deposit from one month to the next so it is in chronological order

Bylaws:  No update provided.

Strategic Planning:  No update provided.

Nominations: No update provided.

Contests:  No update provided.


The meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m.

Motion to adjourn:  George DeMartz; Second: Theresa Bell; motion passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Turner, Board Secretary