Important Information About Rules Change

Tier II Open Contest Changes for Master Series Barbecue TOY Program

During the December meeting, the Board of Directors discussed, voted and approved a change to expand the definition of the open contest criteria for Tier II.


The number of open contests allowed for Tier II remains unchanged 7 or less MABA approved sanctioned competitions during the course of the competition season. Also, contests outside of the MABA region that meet the eligibility rules, but are not MABA approved will also still count toward the team’s overall contest count however with one new exception. The Open contests at the American Royal and the KCBS World Invitational will not count towards the 7 or less criteria.


Tier II teams are encouraged to compete in both the Invitational contest when they qualify and the Open contest without the Open contest counting toward the 7 or less criteria.


The new program rule change is in effect at the release of this letter for the 2022 season starting November 1st, 2021.

The MABA website is updated. will update programming to ensure the Open contest for the American Royal and KCBS World Invitational are not included in the contest count for Tier II.

Thank you,
The MABA Board of Directors