President’s Message

The last year has been challenging for all of us and we are all hoping for some relief as we move through 2021. Your Board of Directors is hard at work on some new projects to make the most of this competition year under the circumstances. Stay tuned for more announcements by email, on our social media channels, and at our upcoming virtual annual meeting.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns. I welcome all feedback from our membership. Be well and we hope to see you at a contest soon!

MABA President, Lisa Dommes

Establishment of the Backyard Team of the Year Points Chase

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the establishment of the Backyard Team of the Year Points Chase for 2021! Our Backyard cooks are a growing segment of our membership and we look forward to recognizing their accomplishments at the Annual Meeting and Banquet next year, hopefully in person! There will be points chases in both the Chicken and Ribs categories as well as Overall recognition. Watch the website for updates on rules and details!

Changes to the National Barbecue News Subscription

After lengthy discussion, the Board of Directors has decided to convert our membership subscription to the digital version of National Barbecue News. The costs associated with the printed version of the magazine were simply too high for our budget and we believe the cost savings of 36% could be better applied to programs for our membership. We hope you continue to enjoy the online version of the magazine.

2021 Committee Updates

Listed below are our current committee members for 2021. We have begun to fill the committees but there is always room for more! Please email if you would like to join any of these committees.

John Brown – Chair
Chiles Cridlin

Strategic Planning
George DeMartz – Chair
Chiles Cridlin
Chris Schriver
Lisa Dommes

Bill Jones – Chair
Glenn Zobel

Greg Boggs – Chair
Chiles Cridlin

Backyard Membership Sub-Committee
Travis Murphy – Chair
Steve Dotson
LaRee Fink
Ron Calloway

Chris Schriver – Chair
Steve Dotson
Jamie Fink

Syd Sydnor – Chair
Chiles Cridlin
Lisa Dommes

Chris Schriver – Chair

Want to help, but don’t feel that you can make an ongoing commitment? We always welcome volunteers who would like to contribute an article, photos or a video clip for our newsletter or social media platforms. Please email with your ideas for a contest recap, tips and tricks, team profile, or other item of interest. We welcome the assistance of our members to make the MABA experience second to none! To those that have reached out, thank you for your support as we work with you on committee placement.

REMINDER: Ensure Your Team Name Matches for the 2021 Season

As the 2021 season approaches, this is a reminder to make sure that your Team Name matches that which is also listed in KCBS to ensure that your Team of the Year points are properly counted.

To check your team name on the KCBS site, click here.

To check your team name, log in to MABA’s site here and search the directory.

Teams are encouraged to add their name, team name, pictures, profile information, share their social media links and/or add their contact information in the MABA Membership Directory. You also have privacy buttons on what information can be shared and it’s your choice on what information you enter.