Polar Pig BBQ Cook-Off Duel Concord, NC

The BBQ universe focused itself onto Concord, NC on Veteran’s Day for the first ever duel turn in contest in MABA-land.  Teams from all over the country came to town to try and chase points in this one-of-a-kind format, including Boomerang BBQ from Texas and the Smoking Hills from Kansas.

It was raining (of course it was) for much of Friday, but that didn’t stop teams from enjoying a pizza party on Friday night hosted by Luke Darnell and the Food Network’s Jerry Stephenson.  No trout were harmed during the cooking of the pizza.
On Saturday, the clouds broke and it was go time for the teams.
Congrats to the winners!
Duel A – Rooters n Tooters TN GC, Old Colony Smokehouse RGC
Duel B – The Algood Bar-B-Q Pit Crew GC, Contagious Q RGC
Word is this might be a traditional double next year…so stay tuned!
Full KCBS results, Duel A here.
Full KCBS results, Duel B here.