New Holland Summer Fest, New Holland, PA

By Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

This year the weather was perfect for the annual New Holland Summerfest. Every year it’s a fantastic event.

The grand daddy of MABA events, this festival has taken place for 17 wonderful years.

This year set up perfect, although the ground was a little soggy. Seventy-one teams lined it up against each other.

At the end of the day, 3N1 Q was too much to handle for everyone, racking up GC honors, with perennial New Holland favorite Lo-n-Slo finishing as RGC.

Also, MABA gives out the Jim Glatfelter Cherry trophy to the highest scoring MABA member in the sausage category. Those honors went to Ron Templeman and his crew from Pigheaded BBQ.

Full KCBS results here!