Twin Valley Fire And Smoke Morgantown, PA

By Chris Hall, MABA Board Member and Pitmaster for Big Ugly’s BBQ.

The 2nd annual Twin Valley Fire & Smoke BBQ Competition was held at Friendship Park, in downtown Morgantown, PA last weekend.  Forty-seven Pro division teams and several backyard teams, as well as many First Responder teams fought thru the uncharacteristic wet conditions and made the event a huge success for the Twin Valley Fire Department.  When the rain ended and the smoke cleared, Piggin’ Whiskey walked away with 4 top ten calls for the Grand Championship, and Moon River Barbeque finished with Reserve Grand Champion and the ever elusive (at least in the Mid-Atlantic Region) perfect 180 score in Pork.  Well done Alex!  Below are the top 10 overall and each category.  Many thanks to Sandy Fulton, her staff and the volunteers that made this event an incredible success, thank you!

Full KCBS results here.

Overall Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
Piggin’ Whiskey Lo’-n-Slo’ BBQ Dante’s Inferno Moon River Barbeque Rhode Hog BBQ
Moon River Barbeque Piggin’ Whiskey Big Ugly’s BBQ Dr. Pearls Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team Lo’-n-Slo’ BBQ
Lo’-n-Slo’ BBQ Funny Bones BBQ B’s Que 50 Shades of Pork Rockin Robyns BBQ
Rhode Hog BBQ Quegasm Rockin Robyns BBQ Rhode Hog BBQ Pigheaded BBQ
Big Ugly’s BBQ Beerbeque Piggin Whiskey Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit
Dante’s Inferno Dr. Pearls Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team Brisket Burners Smokin’ Stuff BBQ Piggin’ Whiskey
Brisket Burners Brisket Burners Camp Bacon Piggin’ Whiskey Moon River Barbeque
Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit River Smokers West Virginia Smokin’ Stuff BBQ Burn Barrel BBQ Funny Bones BBQ
Camp Bacon BBQ Nice Racks Smokin’ Addiction Pavone Brothers BBQ Weekend Smokers
Funny Bones BBQ Camp Bacon Pavone Brothers BBQ Nice Racks Jim’s Pequea Pullers