MABA Well Represented at the KCBS Banquet

by Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster for Old Virginia Smoke

2017 was another fantastic year for MABA teams at the upper levels of the KCBS rankings.  This region continues to thrive year in and year out, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the BBQ world. Congrats to all that heard their name called at the KCBS Banquet in January, and good luck to everyone in the upcoming year!

KCBS Overall Top 25 MABA Teams

8.  Wolf’s Revenge BBQ

13.  Old Virginia Smoke

24. Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

25.  Redneck Scientific

KCBS Chicken Top 25 MABA Teams

1.        Old Virginia Smoke

18.      Who Cares BBQ

23.  Shortsville Smokers

25.  Sauced! BBQ Team

KCBS Ribs Top 25 MABA Teams

11.  Muttley Crew BBQ

17.  Wolf’s Revenge BBQ

19.   3Eyz BBQ

23. Good Smoke BBQ

KCBS Pork Top 25 MABA Teams

10.  Good Smoke BBQ

11.  Shortsville Smokers

20. Sauced! BBQ Team

23.  Redneck Scientific

24.  The Smokehouse Mafia

KCBS Brisket Top 25 MABA Teams

5.  Wolf’s Revenge BBQ

6.   Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

20.  4:20Q

25.  Old Virginia Smoke