Important Information About the 2017 BoD Election, Please Read

The MABA Board of Directors has decided to restart the 2017 Board of Directors election due to a glitch in the ElectionBuddy software that would not allow voters to select fewer than 4 candidates. While there were only 4 candidates for 4 open positions, the Board of Directors wanted to make sure that the integrity of the election process was honored and allows members to vote for any number of candidates that they wish. The election has been extended a day to Sunday, December 17th at 11:45pm.

Sorry for any inconvenience and we hope that the issues have been completely resolved. The first ballot that you received is no longer valid and that version of the election has been closed.  You should have received the new ballot in your inbox of the email you have registered with your MABA membership.

Thank You,
The MABA Board of Directors