Naptown barBAYq Cooking Contest Crownsville, MD – May 5-6

By Bill Wintermyer, Pitmaster Smokin Foolz BBQ

Clouds, rain, bbq, and a CBJ class were in effect this weekend.† Kudos to the event organizers for implementing a plan ďBĒ just in case it rained as much as forecasted.† Fortunately, the weather folks missed this time.† Before cooks had a chance to fire up their smokers there were 50 people taking the KCBS judging class. †Jen and I, with several other teams mixed in with people completed the 4 hour course and are awaiting our CBJ credentials.

Long green mile for turn-ins, congratulations to everyone making the walk!
Old Town Smokers happy with their spoils and some awesome Q being served to festival goers.

So letís dive into it, shall we! Chicken, that protein everyone hates to trim and prep -†saw†someone mention on Facebook itís almost as bad as having a root canal done.† Well apparently 3Eyz BBQ didnít get the memo and took 1st place with a 177.7372.† Ribs category, Big Ugly BBQ gave the judges product, just how a real good rib should taste and tender by taking 1st place with a 177.1428. †Pork category, Porks & Rec lead the field by taking 1st place with a 176.5716.† Last but not least, Brisket category, won by one of the hottest teams in the Mid-Atlantic right now Rockin Robyns BBQ with a 178.8800.† If I remember correctly in a bbq class I once took, it was mentioned that brisket wins championships.† Congratulations to all 1st place winners as well as everyone else who got a call or walk.

Congrats to the winners:

Chicken: 3 Eyz BBQ
Ribs: Big Ugly’s BBQ
Pork: Porks &†Rec
Brisket:†Rockin Robyns BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion: Drilling & Grilling
Grand Champion: Rockin Robyns BBQ

Full KCBS results here