BBQ Jamboree – Virginia Two-Step, Fredericksburg, VA – May 12-14

by Brian Walrath, MABA Board Member and Pitmaster for Brown Liquor BBQ

James and Jeremy always put on a great contest and their BBQ Jamboree event is one of the marquee events on the east coast.  This year they decided to remove the festival parts of the weekend and just concentrate on putting on a great barbecue event.  AND, this year they decided to take the leap and do a double contest back-to-back.  Power, water, and all of the things pitmasters rely on are always top notch right down to the free ice for teams.  Fifty-four teams competed on day one and 43 teams fired it up for day two.  Two additional awards would be given out on this special weekend in the Mid-Atlantic.  First, the two-day winner would be awarded for the most overall points over the two-day cook.  This prize would bring additional money and a WWE-style kick-ass belt!  Also up for the grabs for all Virginia teams on day one was the MABA Virginia State Cup, additional money, and cool knife set by Gunter Wilhelm.

James and Jeremy also invited everyone to a pot luck dinner on Saturday night and supplied the beer!  Teams brought amazing dishes and it was so nice to sit and relax with fellow teams, judges, reps, and organizers under one roof and enjoy some live music as well!


Sharon Gibbs of Checkered Flag 500 celebrates her birthday with a tasty brew! (Sharon, you can blame Luke for this pic!)

The results for Day 1:
GC – Who Cares BBQ
RGC – Uncle Toad’s Competition BBQ

Chicken: Pork Barrel BBQ
Ribs: Mudville BBQ
Pork: Old Virginia Smoke
Brisket: Uncle Toad’s Competition BBQ

Full results from Day 1 here.

The results for Day 2:
GC – Old Virginia Smoke
RGC – Rockin Robyn’s BBQ

Chicken: Old Virginia Smoke
Ribs: Lil Will’s Southern Que
Pork: Rockin Robyn’s BBQ
Brisket: Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

Full results from Day 2 here.

Overall Champion:
Old Virginia Smoke