MABA Annual Meeting a Huge Success

As is tradition, the annual meeting starts with the “MABA Good Luck Shot!”

On March 11 in Frederick, MD, the Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association had its annual meeting of the membership.  Despite chilly temperatures outside, the conditions inside were top notch!  The Frederick Moose Lodge was the site and it fit MABA’s marquee event perfectly.  A robust buffet line of good eats was served along with offerings from a full bar and full menu for ordering from our hosts.

MABA President Luke Darnell got the program kicked off right on time at 1:00pm and highlighted the associations challenges and success in 2016.  The next order of business had MABA Secretary Brian Walrath announce the newly elected board members who will serve two year terms.  Congratulations to Megan Ferguson, Chris Hall, Mark Kenney, Mark Gibbs, and Amy Overbey.  Thank you to all nine candidates that ran.  The election results were very tight and MABA members set a new high water mark with over 50% of the membership voting.

New MABA Board of Directors, Chris Hall, Megan Ferguson, Mark Kenney, Amy Overbey, and Mark Gibbs

The next item on the agenda was the Team of the Year awards for each of the four meats and overall.  Congratulations to the four meat winners and overall winner:

Chicken – 3 Eyz BBQ
Ribs – 3 Eyz BBQ
Pork – Checkered Flag 500
Brisket – Wolf’s Revenge

Overall – 3 Eyz BBQ

Congratulations to Tracy, Dan, and Rick for winning 2016 Team of the Year.

The entire MABA Team of the Year results can be seen here.

The meeting ended with funnest part of the day and that’s the raffles for the contributed prizes, 29 contest entries, and three awesome cookers!

In all this was another amazing event, perhaps the best yet according to much of the early feedback.  Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck to everyone in 2017!