MABA Team of the Year Scoring to be Conducted by

The MABA Board has entered into an agreement with to calculate the 2017 MABA Team of the Year Contest. The standings will update weekly as results are posted to MABA-approved sanctioning bodies. A link to the standings will be provided through the MABA website at

As a MABA member, you’ll be able to subscribe to for 10% off of the standard subscription price of $25. ($22.50 for MABA members.) Enter the code MABA2017 when you sign up. If you are already a subscriber and paid full price, you will be given a refund. features include–

· View a synopsis for your team of the current year and prior years: The top ten scores, team averages and the number of contests by year.

· View scoring details for each meat category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket) and the Overall score.

· See a summary of teams’ results. This is a quick way to get an overview of each team’s BBQ career.

· Get a snapshot of estimated points standings.

Several teams in the MABA area have been beta-testing for a few months, and find the service invaluable. Statistics update as soon as the contest results are posted by MABA-approved sanctioning bodies.

In addition, is always adding different features and benefits to the system.