Pitmaster Tip of the Month – Bonus Tip (Actually Two)!

by Jerry Stephenson, Pitmaster of Redneck Scientific and Owner of The Redneck BBQ Lab

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-1-51-37-pmI’m kind of torn between what tip I should share this month and, since I could not decide, I’m going to give 2 instead of one.

My first tip is that a good partner is a vital key to success in BBQ. Let’s face it…2 hands are better than 1 as are 2 eyes, 2 noses, and 2 extra feet. Often times than not, my sister/BBQ partner is the key deciding factor in our daily successes. Find a reliable and similar minded person to help you. Not just to hang out…but be a part of your successes.

Finally, my second tip is one that I learned over a period of years. The most underrated and beneficial thing that a cook can have is free. Yep, 100% FREE.  No, I’m not talking free healthcare, money or education. I’m talking free mental help.

My second tip that has helped my cooking abilities over the year is that mental awareness is key to catching and correcting problems before they occur. This is a quality that all great cooks have.  They “see” the problems coming at them and adjust.  The key to having this mental awareness is getting proper uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep is my second tip. It’s free and easy to come by if you are prepared. Have a comfortable chair/cot/bed, avoid late night partying all together (especially the jar of clear that some teams like to pass around to cripple their competition), set a bedtime (and stick to it!) and do whatever uncompleted tasks you can do prior to going to bed that will help you save time in the am.

The TEAM that has had great SLEEP will be more AWARE of obstacles and overcome them in their SUCCESSES.