Richmond Judge Hosts Judges Social Before Sam’s Club Event

By Bill Jones, MABA Board Member and KCBS Master Judge, Table Captain, & Life Member
When I became a judge some 5 years ago, I quickly found out the BBQ would is one huge tailgate party. Seldom have I attended a contest in which multiple teams are not hosting a Friday evening meal and time of socializing. 

So when Sam’s Club started hosting contests in Virginia three years ago in Richmond, and just a scant few miles from our home, we decided to host a judges social at our home. Judges come from all over to judge barbecue contests, so we thought it might be fun to have a social at our home and welcome the visiting judges coming in the night before . We also invited any local judges who may not be judging the contest, along with local KCBS reps and teams.
KCBS judges enjoy an evening of good food and fellowship prior to Sam's Club Richmond.
KCBS judges enjoy an evening of good food and fellowship prior to Sam’s Club Richmond.

This year, 16 judges were able to join us during the evening to meet and greet judges they already knew as well as some they did not. Our menu included a crab and shrimp boil, cajun coleslaw, cheesecake and key lime pie. 

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All left hoping Sam’s Club will once again grace us with a contest in 2017 so this yearly get together can continue.
Bill & Mary Jones
Richmond, VA