Megan Ferguson / Treasurer

Meg’s been competing on the bbq circuit since 2009, a member of MABA since 2011, and on the MABA board since 2015. She is a co-pitmaster of the team Finn’s Finest BBQ. If you don’t know her or her husband Ferg you certainly know one of her kids – Finn, Allena, and Kellan – who can be seen at comps causing havoc, but they’re really just shiggin’ from other teams. She brings the family along to competitions with hopes to pass down her passion for this bbq lifestyle to her kids and experience the same love she has from the bbq family. She’s going into her 12th year in competitive bbq and eager to continue to learn more from her fellow pitmasters.

Professionally, Meg is a Marketing and Sales Specialist for a membership-based, non-profit educational organization focused on professional development. She plans to utilize her skills and experience to grow MABA membership with a goal of continuing to improve the programs that build our membership, provide education for rookie pro cooks, backyarders, and our youth, and improve communication within the organization. With her strong belief in our network, she is certain we can accomplish big things for MABA moving forward.