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  1. MABA Awards Banquet at Charles Town Races and Slots Shaping Up to Be Epic!

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    Over 30 (and counting) Contest Giveaways, Dozens of BBQ Prizes, and Multiple Great Cookers To Be Raffled Off at the MABA Annual Meeting February 23, 2019.

    That’s right – We’re giving away more contests, prizes, and smokers at the MABA Annual Meeting than ever before! MABA members can attend for FREE and their guests are only $10 per person.

    To win the contest entries and other various prizes, you must attend the MABA Annual Meeting. However, we will be selling online raffle tickets for the separate drawing of not one, but multiple cookers this year and you don’t have to be present to win one of those (cookers to be raffled will be announced soon)!

    Please note that with the new venue we have to have an accurate count for food and beverage! So, please register for the annual meeting here. Guest tickets can also be purchased at that link. Only pre-registered MABA members and their paid guests may attend the annual meeting.

    You’ll also not want to miss the announcement of new board members elected by you, the members of MABA. We’ll also be giving away awards for the Team of Year chase, Tier I and Tier II. You won’t want to miss seeing who finished in the top ten in each category and overall!

    Click herefor all of the information about the Annual Meeting and local hotel information!  Current contests that have donated a free registration for the banquet raffle:

    New Castle Colonial BBQ
    MD State BBQ Festival
    Beltway BBQ Showdown
    Interstate BBQ Festival
    Smokin on the Dock of the Bay
    Eastern Carolina BBQ Throwdown
    Kings of Q
    BBQ Capital Cookoff
    Currituck Heritage Festival
    Butts & Beans BBQ Challenge
    Jiggy with the Piggy
    Mountain High BBQ Festival
    Polar Pig BBQ Cook Off
    Smoking in the Foothills BBQ Festival
    Tilley Biker Blues & BBQ Rally
    I Love BBQ & Music Festival
    Ribs and Rhythm & Blues
    Smoke in the Grove
    Smoke in the Park
    York County BBQ Festival
    Gettysburg BBQ Festival
    Twin Valley Fire & Smoke
    Pigs in the Pit
    Que & Cruz
    BBQ Gives Back
    BBQ Jamboree
    Chesapeake Jubilee
    Chillin & Grillin in the Glades
    Covington Cork & Pork
    Almost Heaven BBQ Bash
    Smokin on the Buffalo
    Mohegan Sun
    Lancaster BBQ Supply SCA
  2. MABA Annual Meeting a Huge Success!

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    February 10th brought the annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association.  Our venue was Addy’s in Manassas, Virginia and the support from the membership was strong, selling out the event.  MABA President Luke Darnell had a full slate on the agenda and got started promptly at noon.  After opening remarks, it was right into Tier I and the new Tier II awards.  Congratulations to all who heard their name called and received awards and money!  Here’s how the top ten. in each category ended up:

    TIER I


    10th place – Checkered Flag 500
    9th place – 3N1 Q
    8th place – Shortsville Smokers
    7th place – Redneck Scientific
    6th place – Wolfs Revenge
    5th place – Sauce This! BBQ
    4th place – 420Q
    3rd place – 3Eyz BBQ
    2nd place – Rockin Robyn’s
    1st place, 2017 Bill Allen Memorial Chicken Team of the Year- Old Virginia Smoke


    10th place – Sauce This! BBQ
    9th place – Drillin and Grillin
    8th place – Checkered Flag 500
    7th place – 3N1 Q
    6th place – Rockin Robyn’s
    5th place – Lo -n -Slow
    4th place – Muttley Crew
    3rd place – Wolf’s Revenge
    2nd place – Aporkalypse Now
    1st place – 3 Eyz BBQ


    10th place – Checkered Flag 500
    9th place – Old Virginia Smoke
    8th place – 420Q
    7th place – The Smokehouse Mafia
    6th place – Lo – n – Slo BBQ
    5th place – Redneck Scientific
    4th place – Rockin Robyn’s
    3rd place… – Wolf’s Revenge
    2nd place – Shortsville Smokers
    1st place – Aporkalypse Now


    10th place – Aporkalypse Now
    9th place – Rockin Robyn’s
    8th place – 3N1 Q
    7th place – Sauce This! BBQ
    6th place – Lo -N- Slo
    5th place – Old Virginia Smoke
    4th place – Rhode Hog
    3rd place – 420Q
    2nd place – Wolf’s Revenge
    1st place – Checkered Flag 500 BBQ


    10th place – Drilling and Grilling
    9th place – Muttley Crew
    8th place – Redneck Scientific
    7th place – Shortsville Smokers
    6th place – Lo -n -Slo
    5th place – Aporkalypse Now
    4th place – Checkered Flag 500
    3rd place – Rockin Robyns
    2nd place – Old Virginia Smoke
    1st place – Wolf’s Revenge



    10th place – Butt Up or Shut Up
    9th place – Smokin’ Aint Easy
    8th place – Smokin’ Foolz
    7th place – Smokopolis
    6th place – Smoke N BArrels BBQ
    5th place – The BBQ Guru
    4th place – Red Valley BBQ
    3rd Place – Crimson Q
    2nd place – Black Hart BBQ
    1st place – 2 Rhodies


    10th place – 2 Rhodies
    9th place – Little Luke’s BBQ
    8th place – The BBQ Guru
    7th place – Holdin’ My BBQ
    6th place – Lil Will’s Southern Que
    5th place – The Bearded One BBQ
    4th place – Black Hart BBQ
    3rd place – Butt Up or Shut Up
    2nd place – Dante’s Inferno
    1st place – Smokey Dog

    10th place – Ribs Within
    9th place – Fireside Alchemy
    8th place – Funny Bones BBQ
    7th place – All Fired Up BBQ
    6th place – Old Town Smokers
    5th place – Hoos Smokin’
    4th place – Black Hart BBQ
    3rd place – Smokin Hoggz BBQ
    2nd place – Christmas City BBQ
    1st place – Dr. Pearl’s Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team


    10th place – Little Luke’s BBQ
    9th place – Crimson Q
    8th place – BBQ Guru
    7th place – Game On BBQ
    6th place – 2 Rhodies BBQ
    5th place – Christmas City BBQ
    4th place – Shady Crew
    3rd place – Dr. Pearl’s Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team
    2nd place – Smokin HOggz BBQ
    1st place – Dante’s Inferno


    10th place – Big D’s BBQ
    9th place – Slower Lower BBQ
    8th place – Nice Racks
    7th place – Butt Up or Shut Up
    6th place – Funny Bones BBQ
    5th place – Christmas City BBQ
    4th place – The BBQ Guru
    3rd place – Black Hart BBQ
    2nd place – Dante’s Inferno
    1st place – Dr. Pearls Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team

    MABA Rookie Team of the Year for 2017 – Love N Smoke

    After the awards, a special President’s award was presented to Sauce This BBQ.  Then it was onto the raffle for the three smokers and Grizzy Coolers.  Special thanks to BBQ Guru for the Monolith Ceramic Grill, Deep South Smokers for the Mailbox Smoker, and Traeger for the Pro Series 34.  Also, thanks to Eric Forrester of Mason Dixon BBQ Services for donating two Grizzly coolers.  Here are the winners of these items:

    Monolith Ceramic Grill – Tex Loudenslager
    Deep South Mailbox Smoker – Todd Johnston
    Traeger Pro Series 34 – Jason Bradfield
    Grizzly Cooler – Rolfe Garrett
    Grizzly Cooler – Chris Safley


    Finally, perhaps the best part of the meeting, the raffle for nearly 40 contests and dozens of barbecue related prizes!  All in all, the MABA Annual Banquet was a tremendous success.  Thanks to all of our sponsors and generous companies that donated product for the raffles pictured below.  Congratulations to everyone who won awards and raffle prizes, we can’t wait to see everyone in 2018 on the competition trail.

  3. MABA Annual Meeting a Huge Success

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    As is tradition, the annual meeting starts with the “MABA Good Luck Shot!”

    On March 11 in Frederick, MD, the Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association had its annual meeting of the membership.  Despite chilly temperatures outside, the conditions inside were top notch!  The Frederick Moose Lodge was the site and it fit MABA’s marquee event perfectly.  A robust buffet line of good eats was served along with offerings from a full bar and full menu for ordering from our hosts.

    MABA President Luke Darnell got the program kicked off right on time at 1:00pm and highlighted the associations challenges and success in 2016.  The next order of business had MABA Secretary Brian Walrath announce the newly elected board members who will serve two year terms.  Congratulations to Megan Ferguson, Chris Hall, Mark Kenney, Mark Gibbs, and Amy Overbey.  Thank you to all nine candidates that ran.  The election results were very tight and MABA members set a new high water mark with over 50% of the membership voting.

    New MABA Board of Directors, Chris Hall, Megan Ferguson, Mark Kenney, Amy Overbey, and Mark Gibbs

    The next item on the agenda was the Team of the Year awards for each of the four meats and overall.  Congratulations to the four meat winners and overall winner:

    Chicken – 3 Eyz BBQ
    Ribs – 3 Eyz BBQ
    Pork – Checkered Flag 500
    Brisket – Wolf’s Revenge

    Overall – 3 Eyz BBQ

    Congratulations to Tracy, Dan, and Rick for winning 2016 Team of the Year.

    The entire MABA Team of the Year results can be seen here.

    The meeting ended with funnest part of the day and that’s the raffles for the contributed prizes, 29 contest entries, and three awesome cookers!

    In all this was another amazing event, perhaps the best yet according to much of the early feedback.  Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck to everyone in 2017!




  4. MABA Board Nominees/Register for the Annual Meeting

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    MABA Board Nominees, Still Time to Be Considered!

    Thanks to the following list of Mid Atlantic Barbecue Association members who have thrown their hat in the ring and agreed to run for a MABA Board of Directors position! If you’re on the fence, or know someone who would make a great candidate to continue to move the association forward, there’s still time!

    Nominations must be submitted before midnight on January 22, 2017 for consideration in this year’s election. Please email nominations to elections@mabbqa.com.

    Bios and interview questions from each nominee will be sent out to all MABA members after the nomination process is over and we confirm all of the candidates.

    Megan Ferguson
    Tracy Hixon
    Mark Kenney
    John Kirby
    Amy Overbey
    David Pavone
    Chris Safley
    Todd Spickler

    2017 Annual Meeting Registration Now Open

    Join us on March 11th for the Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association’s Annual Meeting, Awards, and Elections! Register today! Hang out with your fellow MABA friends and find out who was voted to the 2017 Board of Directors, what teams won MABA ToY awards, and take your chances at winning numerous BBQ related prizes, including competition entries, in the raffle. Raffle tickets will be sold at the meeting. You must be present to win.

    Stay tuned for more details about raffle prizes as well as information about the hotel block. Also, follow MABA’s Facebook page and www.mabbqa.com for updated information as it becomes available.

    Registration required for ALL attendees. Please register as soon as possible so we can get an approximate headcount. Members attend for free. Guests are just $10. Click here to register.