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  1. Naptown barBAYq Cooking Contest Crownsville, MD – May 5-6

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    By Bill Wintermyer, Pitmaster Smokin Foolz BBQ

    Clouds, rain, bbq, and a CBJ class were in effect this weekend.  Kudos to the event organizers for implementing a plan “B” just in case it rained as much as forecasted.  Fortunately, the weather folks missed this time.  Before cooks had a chance to fire up their smokers there were 50 people taking the KCBS judging class.  Jen and I, with several other teams mixed in with people completed the 4 hour course and are awaiting our CBJ credentials.

    Long green mile for turn-ins, congratulations to everyone making the walk!
    Old Town Smokers happy with their spoils and some awesome Q being served to festival goers.

    So let’s dive into it, shall we! Chicken, that protein everyone hates to trim and prep – saw someone mention on Facebook it’s almost as bad as having a root canal done.  Well apparently 3Eyz BBQ didn’t get the memo and took 1st place with a 177.7372.  Ribs category, Big Ugly BBQ gave the judges product, just how a real good rib should taste and tender by taking 1st place with a 177.1428.  Pork category, Porks & Rec lead the field by taking 1st place with a 176.5716.  Last but not least, Brisket category, won by one of the hottest teams in the Mid-Atlantic right now Rockin Robyns BBQ with a 178.8800.  If I remember correctly in a bbq class I once took, it was mentioned that brisket wins championships.  Congratulations to all 1st place winners as well as everyone else who got a call or walk.

    Congrats to the winners:

    Chicken: 3 Eyz BBQ
    Ribs: Big Ugly’s BBQ
    Pork: Porks & Rec
    Brisket: Rockin Robyns BBQ

    Reserve Grand Champion: Drilling & Grilling
    Grand Champion: Rockin Robyns BBQ

    Full KCBS results here




  2. Jiggy With the Piggy Kannapolis, NC – May 5-6

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    By LaRee Fink, Pitmaster – House of Smoke BBQ
    Entry Fee: $300.00
    Payout: $22,750
    Cook all four categories, plus People’s Choice, wings, and pork
    Jiggy with the Piggy is a KCBS sanctioned event and is a HUGE festival type of event.  Seventy-five teams cooked this event and the weather was a mix, from beautiful to chilly, and back to beautiful again.  The organizers, staff, and volunteers were extremely helpful and made everyone feel welcome.
    Eddie Smith and company did an awesome job putting this event together.  Turn-ins were about a five minute walk from the furthest most site.
    Sites were a big 25 X 50 and if you needed more, like Eddie says, “you need to downsize!”  Breakfast was provided and there was a choice of a boxed meal.  Lots of rides and freebies to keep the kids entertained and tons of vendors linked the festival grounds.  It was an amazing contest and I  definitely  recommend it to anyone that can come, put it on your calendars for next year folks, you DO NOT want to miss this one.
    Congratulations to the winners:
    Chicken: Southern Q Competition Cook Team
    Ribs: Baloney Joe’s BBQ
    Pork: Redneck Scientific
    Brisket: Macadoo Heights BBQ
    Reserve Grand Champion: Muttely Crew BBQ
    Grand Champion: Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
    Full KCBS results here