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  1. Chillin & Grillin in the Glades – Wise, VA

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    By Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

    Chillin and Grillin in the Glades

    In its fourth year, Chillin and Grillin in the Glades continues to be a fantastically run contest in Wise, Virginia.  Organizer Greg Cross does such a good job in making sure the teams lack for nothing.

    New to Wise this year was an SCA Steak Cookoff on Friday night.  This was great fun for the teams and spectators, as there was significant trash talking amongst the competitors.  All in good fun.  Steaks were shared afterwards.  In a shocking development, the steak contest was won by first time cook Jerry Stephenson of Redneck Scientific, while Look Darnell of Old Virginia Smoke got his first ever steak call with second place.

    This year, the weather had some rain showers, but nothing that the teams couldn’t overcome.  The window for awards was tight, but they were able to get them in before the showers started.  Wolfs Revenge ended up as champion on the day, winning GC, with Redneck Scientific earning RGC honors.

    The Town of Wise is already looking forward to next year.  If you haven’t cooked this contest, be sure to consider it for your calendar.

    Full KCBS Results here.

  2. Chillin & Grillin In The Glades Wise, VA

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    By Captain Chaos


    Greg Cross of Chillin’ and Grillin’ in the Glades was up against a wall this year.  Jamestown, TN planned a contest the same weekend as his contest and he had to make a decision.  Greg made the call and moved his contest one week later on the schedule.  We sure are glad that he did!  It was a great weekend for BBQ and the town of Wise, Virginia once again did not disappoint.  The folks in Wise are akin to those that we remember from Mayberry and the Andy Griffith Show.  Everyone from Mayor Smith and his wife to the fine folks that were handling the infrastructure were some of the nicest folks you would ever want to meet.

    The weekend started off with a welcome reception in the beautiful Inn at Wise and teams were off to cooking BBQ.  Twenty-six teams put their best product on the line for the judges and Rocky Top Barbeque came out on top with the GC.  MABA’s own President Luke Darnell and Old Virginia Smoke brought home RCG honors.  It is this writers understanding that Luke owes the town of Wise a gift on Main Street next year?  Stay tuned for more on that next season!

    The crowd thought there was a run on awards when Dirty Ol’ Butt Slappers took home top prizes in both Chicken and Ribs, but Rocky Top Barbeque and Wolf’s Revenge BBQ had something to say about that by winning the Pork and Brisket categories respectively.

    The southern Virginia swing of the MABA schedule really is a lost gem on the calendar.  Covington, Wise and Galax put on 3 contests that you would not be disappointed in adding to your schedules.  Each are a week apart and make it easy to leave some gear down there and make the back and forth trip if you can manage it.

    Looking forward to even bigger and better things from Wise in 2018!  Thanks to the Mayor and Greg for everything you do for BBQ!

    Chicken – Dirty Ol’ Butt Slappers
    Ribs –Dirty Ol’ Butt Slappers
    Pork –Rocky Top Barbeque
    Brisket – Wolf’s Revenge BBQ

    RGC – Old Virginia Smoke
    GC – Rocky Top Barbeque

    Full KCBS results here.

  3. Chillin & Grillin In The Glades – Wise, VA

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    by Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

    (This post is mostly satire)
    Chillin’ and Grillin in the glades was held July 8-9 in beautiful Wise, VA. The contest was fantastic, in a fantastic town with great people. A huge congrats to Big Show BBQ Team on the GC.

    But much head turning and corner-whispering was done due to Mark Kenney, of Sauce This fame, cooking alongside Mark Gibbs of Checkered Flag 500. Checkered Flag 500 would have a phenomenal day, finishing with RGC on the day amid a torrid streak of top 3 finishes.

    Are the two a new couple on the BBQ circuit? Does Danny of Sauce This need to be worried about losing Kenney? Stay tuned to the MABA newsletter.

    Pic of Mark and Kenny sharing a margarita
    Mark and Mark…just a couple of fellas sharing a margarita!

    Ok, on to the serious stuff…the results!

    First Place Winners:
    Chicken – Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Ribs –Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Pork – Checkered Flag 500 BBQ
    Brisket – Q Factor

    Grand Champion –Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Reserve Grand Champion –Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    Check out the full competition results here.