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  1. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour (Regional) N. Charleston, SC

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    by Mike Fay, MABA Past President and Pitmaster for Aporkalypse Now

    On August 26 top finishers in the Sam’s Club locals converged on Charleston, South Carolina to fight it out for the right to be one of the 10 finishers going to the $150,000 Sam’s Club final in Bentonville, Arkansas. For some teams it was an arduous journey having competed the week before in Connecticut than having to pack up and drive the 900+ miles to Charleston.

    While it wasn’t as hot in Charleston as it had been the past two weeks in Laurel and Richmond it was still quite warm with temperatures in the 90s and humidity hovering around 90% but barbecue folks are resilient and innovative so everybody made the best of it.

    As expected with this being a regional championship the competition was fierce and the scores were tight, less than 1.7 points separated first from fourth place with two 180s being awarded.

    Photo of Michael McDearman, Chiles, and Randy
    Chiles and Randy from Wolf’s Revenge take GC!


    First place winners:
    Chicken – Aporkalypse Now (with a perfect 180!)
    Ribs –Slaughterhouse Five
    Pork –Poke N Smoke
    Brisket –Wolf’s Revenge (with a perfect 180!)

    Grand Champion –Wolf’s Revenge
    Reserve Grand Champion –Sauced! BBQ Team

    Check out the full competition results here.