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  1. Que for the Troops Levittown, PA

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    By Edward R. B’Que

    The eighth annual Que for the Troops is in the record books.  Falls Township Pennsylvania throws this annual event to support the Liberty USO and they do our troops proud each year.  This years’ event was spectacular with 63 Pro teams and good weather that made the teams and organizers happy for sure.

    The weekend ancillary contests were an Anything Butt and Dessert competition.  Dead On Q brought home top honors in the Anything Butt category and PA’s own Dante’s Inferno (local boy does good) made a dessert that put smiles on the judges faces and brought home the win there.

    MABA teams were well represented across the board in the final tallies.  Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ was the Grand Champion with a 684.48 and Smoken Dudes BBQ brought home the RGC.  Dr. Pearl’ Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team and Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit brought home 3rd and 4th place honors overall.

    A shout out goes to the category winners.  Quegasm tops the chicken bracket, Smoken Dudes BBQ won ribs.  They were also kind enough to sponsor the trophies for this event and they must have really wanted one of their own to keep!  They got several!  Poppa Q-BBQ took home the big pork trophy and Sir-Pork’s-Alot BBQ must have packed a box chock full of burnt ends and won coin toss with Weekend Smokers to take home his first ever Brisket win!  Congrats Mike Licciardello!

    Jeff Dence and Matt Markey along with the entire team at Q4TT run a great contest and fair.  If you have never attended it to compete, I highly recommend doing it in 2018!  Plans are already in the works for a bigger and better contest.  Keep this one on your radar folks!

    Chicken – Quegasm
    Ribs – Smoken Dudes BBQ
    Pork – Poppa Q-BBQ
    Brisket – Sir-Pork’s-Alot BBQ

    RGC – Smoken Dudes BBQ
    GC – Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ

    Full KCBS results here.