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  1. BBQ Jamboree Double, May 12 – 13

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    By Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

    The BBQ Jamboree was held this year with beautiful weather in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Not only did it feature one of the first SCA Steak Cookoffs in MABA land, but it also started the farewell tour of John Busch, a long time KCBS rep in the area.

    John was honored repeatedly throughout the weekend by Jeremy and James, including them giving John his own championship belt, and creating an orange t shirt with John’s likeness on it.  We look forward to celebrating John Busch throughout the year and all that he does for BBQ.
    The SCA contest was great fun on Friday night, with Rockin Robyn’s winning first place.
    Day one of the BBQ Jamboree double was also the Virginia MABA Cup.  This year it was won by Old Virginia Smoke, who also finished as Reserve Grand Champion.  The title of Grand Champion was won by Smokin’ Hoggz from Massachusetts, captained by two time world champion Bill Gillespie.
    Day 2 of the BBQ Jamboree was won by those local yokels Sauce This! BBQ, with reserve being won by 3 Eyz BBQ.  Sauce This! BBQ was also the two day total winner, and won the BBQ Jamboree double championship belt.
    Full KCBS results for Day one here.
    Full KCBS results for Day two here.
    Congrats to Sauce This! BBQ
  2. 13th Annual Recovery Fest/8th Annual BBQ State Championship, Richmond, VA

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    Submitted by “The Chairman of the Board”

    The Lucky #13 edition of the McShin Foundation RecoveryFest is in the books for 2017.  Each year this organization rolls out the red carpet for our BBQ brethern with a big dose of southern hospitality and a contest that runs like clockwork.  Honesty Liller and her staff do a great job mixing competition bbq and the great work that they do at McShin.  Speakers from all around Virginia stopped by and shared stories of recovery success and brought news on what is happening to help those that need it the most.  Thank you McShin for what you do for our friends and family that struggle with addiction.

    The BBQ contest weekend was perfect from a weather standpoint.  It was cool all weekend and we had no rain!  The smokers were lit and 35 teams were cooking.  Those whacky kids from Easton, Maryland…Sauce This BBQ brought home the Gold with a GC while Rockin’ Robyn’s BBQ out of Forest Hill, MD scored the RGC.   Wolf’s  Revenge, Checkered Flag 500 BBQ and Simply Q rounded out the top 5 overall.

    Top Chicken honors were brought home by E.O.D. WreckinQ with the GC’s close in at second.  Sauce This BBQ took home the big trophy in Ribs and most folks knew the run was on!  Rockin’ Robyn’s BBQ won the Pork category and Checkered Flag 500 BBQ took home top Brisket honors.

    This competition is a a staple on the Mid-Atlantic circuit and we thank McShin for their continued support of the sport that we love.  I recommend getting this contest on the schedule if you have not been there in the past!

    Chicken – E.O.D. WreckinQ
    Ribs –Sauce This
    Pork –Rockin Robyns BBQ
    Brisket – Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    RGC – Rockin Robyns BBQ
    GC – Sauce This

    Full KCBS results here.

  3. Mid-Atlantic Teams Do Well at “The Jack”

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    by Mark Gibbs, Pitmaster of The Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    The Jack Daniel’s World BBQ Championships is in the books for 2017.  This was the Checkered Flag 500 BBQ’s first trip to the hollow and it was a great experience.  This contest is a huge event with a lot of ancillary competitions and side events for the competitors to do.  96 teams from around the world came together to compete and name the World Champion.

    Tuffy Stone and Cool Smoke took home the Grand Champion honors for the 3rd time in the last 4 years.  He has the mojo at this contest for sure!  On a side note, why isn’t our friend from Richmond, Virginia a member of the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association?  The next time you see Tuffy make sure you ask him and hand him an application!

    MABA was very well represented this year at this prestigious contest.  MABA members took some walks to the stage and gathered up some trophies for the mantel.

    Sauce This – 4th Overall


    Wolf’s Revenge BBQ – 12th Overall


    Chix, Swine & Bovine, bbq – 14th Overall

    BEERBQUE – 22nd Overall

    Checkered Flag 500 BBQ – 28th Overall

    Redneck Scientific – 29th Overall

    Aporkalypse Now – 49th Overall

    Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ – 63rd Overall


    Game On BBQ – 72nd Overall

    Finn’s Finest BBQ – 83rd Overall

    Until this year, I did not realize how big this contest really was for folks that have been there.  This contest has the addictive properties of crack.  The first thing that you think about on the trip home (no matter where you finished in the standings) is how am going to get back next year?  Here is to the competitors of the 2016 Jack and to everyone with hopes of making a trip to Lynchburg in 2017!

  4. Chillin & Grillin In The Glades – Wise, VA

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    by Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

    (This post is mostly satire)
    Chillin’ and Grillin in the glades was held July 8-9 in beautiful Wise, VA. The contest was fantastic, in a fantastic town with great people. A huge congrats to Big Show BBQ Team on the GC.

    But much head turning and corner-whispering was done due to Mark Kenney, of Sauce This fame, cooking alongside Mark Gibbs of Checkered Flag 500. Checkered Flag 500 would have a phenomenal day, finishing with RGC on the day amid a torrid streak of top 3 finishes.

    Are the two a new couple on the BBQ circuit? Does Danny of Sauce This need to be worried about losing Kenney? Stay tuned to the MABA newsletter.

    Pic of Mark and Kenny sharing a margarita
    Mark and Mark…just a couple of fellas sharing a margarita!

    Ok, on to the serious stuff…the results!

    First Place Winners:
    Chicken – Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Ribs –Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Pork – Checkered Flag 500 BBQ
    Brisket – Q Factor

    Grand Champion –Big Show BBQ Cookin’ Team
    Reserve Grand Champion –Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

    Check out the full competition results here.