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  1. Uptown Lexington BBQ Capital Cook Off Lexington, NC – April 28-29

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    By LaRee Fink, Pitmaster – House of Smoke BBQ
    Entry Fee: $300.00
    Payout: $15,900
    Cook all four categories, plus People’s Choice, wings, and pork

    The Uptown Lexington BBQ Capital Cookoff is a sanctioned KCBS event and is a nice festival-type of event.  Thirty-eight teams cooked and the weather was beautiful!  The organizers, staff and volunteers were extremely helpful and made everyone feel welcome.  Turn-ins were a short three to four minute walk from the furthest most site and flowed very smoothly the way it was set-up.  Friday night dinner and Saturday breakfast were provided and were buffet meals that included wine and or beer.  Also, if you didn’t want to cook your own meals, Southern Lunch was a short 2 1/2 block walk away for a sit down meal as well as plenty of food vendors on site for a grab and go.  The festival provided lots of rides and freebies to keep the kids entertained.  It was a good contest and definitely worth doing, I would recommend if you can put this on your calendar for next year.

    Congratulations to the winners:
    Chicken: Mcadoo Heights BBQ
    Ribs: North Meets Sounds BBQ
    Pork: Carolina Smokin John’s BBQ
    Brisket: Muttely Crew BBQ
    Reserve Grand Champion: Smoking Butt Heads
    Grand Champion: Mcadoo Heights BBQ
    Full KCBS results here