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  1. Que for the Troops Levittown, PA

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    By Edward R. B’Que

    The eighth annual Que for the Troops is in the record books.  Falls Township Pennsylvania throws this annual event to support the Liberty USO and they do our troops proud each year.  This years’ event was spectacular with 63 Pro teams and good weather that made the teams and organizers happy for sure.

    The weekend ancillary contests were an Anything Butt and Dessert competition.  Dead On Q brought home top honors in the Anything Butt category and PA’s own Dante’s Inferno (local boy does good) made a dessert that put smiles on the judges faces and brought home the win there.

    MABA teams were well represented across the board in the final tallies.  Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ was the Grand Champion with a 684.48 and Smoken Dudes BBQ brought home the RGC.  Dr. Pearl’ Medicinal Smoke BBQ Team and Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit brought home 3rd and 4th place honors overall.

    A shout out goes to the category winners.  Quegasm tops the chicken bracket, Smoken Dudes BBQ won ribs.  They were also kind enough to sponsor the trophies for this event and they must have really wanted one of their own to keep!  They got several!  Poppa Q-BBQ took home the big pork trophy and Sir-Pork’s-Alot BBQ must have packed a box chock full of burnt ends and won coin toss with Weekend Smokers to take home his first ever Brisket win!  Congrats Mike Licciardello!

    Jeff Dence and Matt Markey along with the entire team at Q4TT run a great contest and fair.  If you have never attended it to compete, I highly recommend doing it in 2018!  Plans are already in the works for a bigger and better contest.  Keep this one on your radar folks!

    Chicken – Quegasm
    Ribs – Smoken Dudes BBQ
    Pork – Poppa Q-BBQ
    Brisket – Sir-Pork’s-Alot BBQ

    RGC – Smoken Dudes BBQ
    GC – Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ

    Full KCBS results here.

  2. BBQ In the Valley, Jamestown, NY – May 5-6

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    By Sean Moffatt, Pitmaster of Red Valley BBQ

    Rain, wind, threat of snow, thunder and lightning, and 37 minutes of sunshine.  These were the weather conditions the 26 teams got to enjoy at BBQ in the Valley in Jamestown, NY.  While the weather was having an identity crisis and was less than hospitable, the same couldn’t be said for the staff and volunteers at Hidden Valley Campground.  From the moment teams started to arrive until the last team left, the staff helped competitors navigate the muddy fields of the campground in the ever constant rain.  Several teams needed an assist from the resident tractor to get into and out of their spots, but once the teams were settled it was time to get down to business.

    Friday evening after the team meeting, the competitors got a chance to get out of the rain for a little while and enjoy a Cinco de Mayo potluck dinner in the pavilion.  The campground staff started things off with a taco bar, and the teams pitched in with items such as an enchilada casserole, 7-layer dip, and taquitos.  Once everyone had a chance to quell their appetites, it was back out into the rain to start cooking.

    Night began to fall and the campground staff and volunteers began to make the rounds to check on the team’s general well-being and to make sure no one had lost any small children in the mud caused by what seemed to be a non-stop rain.  And even though the competition was not open to the public, volunteers took turns every two hours to work as overnight security…in the rain.

    As night turned to day, surprisingly the rain continued, but it would not last.  The rain finally abated for a few hours to allow the teams to get turn ins completed.  The rain would return just in time to submit a pan of pulled pork for a people’s choice category in which the prize was a winner takes all $1000 check.  Hidden Valley was able to write a check from the proceeds from the people’s choice and a raffle of Cutco knives for $1041 in support of the Camp Good Days program.

    Awards were held in the pavilion because, unbelievably, a light rain was falling outside.  After the organizer Bill Woltmann gave props to the competition sponsors, he jumped straight into the award ceremony.  Winners of each category received a laser engraved cutting board while places 10th through 2nd received an engraved spatula.

    The first winner announced was the people’s choice champion.  Lo’-n-Slo’ BBQ walked away with the $1000 check and custom engraved cutting board.

    The KCBS awards were announced with several teams receiving two or more calls.  Shortsville Smokers received the cutting board in chicken, Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ won ribs, Christmas City BBQ took honors in pork, and Spittin’ Feathers BBQ earned top spot in brisket with a 180, a feat rarely seen in New York.  At the end of the day, Shortsville Smokers received the Reserve Grand Champion cutting board, and Lo’-N-Slo’ BBQ headed home as Grand Champion.

    I usually have some reservations when it comes to a first year contest because many tend to have unforeseen issues and glitches.  As the weekend moved along, there were very few issues even with the rain.  The organizers and volunteers at Hidden Valley were well prepared for the event and KCBS Reps Robert McKee and Louise Weidner were fantastic in their duties.  If this contest was this well run in its first year, I can only imagine how good it will be in the future.  BBQ in the Valley should be on your contest radar for 2018.  No guarantee it won’t rain.

  3. Pit at the Park Macungie, PA

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    This KCBS competition was held as part of the 53rd Annual Das Awkscht Fescht.  Located in the private Macungie Memorial Park which boast a robust 43 acres full of classic cars, vendors, community swimming pool, and auto flea market.  The auto fest offered live entertainment from noon until 10:30 pm Friday and Saturday.  If you enjoy classic cars, classic 60’s era music, lots of fair food, and an awesome professionally produced fireworks display, this is one competition you need to put on your schedule for next year.  Did I mention the fireworks display Saturday night to end the days event…which were set off right across the street where competitors were set up.  The sight, sound, and percussions could be felt from each and every one launched, you will be hard pressed to find a better location and display of fireworks.

    The organizers did a great job with this 1st time event, making sure competitors had ample electric and city water from one of the parks fire hydrants.  There were oversized team sites as well as 20 x 20 regular sites to accommodate teams of all sizes.  Fortunately the competition area was on grass to help absorb the hazy, hot, humid, dog days of summer, unlike those that baked on the asphalt of Sam’s Club in Laurel, MD this same weekend.  So it is easy to see with 52 years’ experience running the auto fest that this new event has the possibility of longevity and becoming a team favorite in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.25.49 AMTwenty-three teams went at it for the title of Grand Champion at the 1st Annual Pit in the Park.  As the sun was setting in the early August evening the title fell to the well-known, well respected, 5-time Pennsylvania State Champions Tom & Michele Perelka of Lo’ –N- Slo’ BBQ.  The event also held a chefs choice and dessert categories which were cooked and turned in on Sunday.  Eight teams were registered for these two categories which were to be done in German or PA Dutch cuisine theme.  The overall winner of the combined categories went to Tom & Stacie Feil of Christmas City BBQ.

    First place winners:
    Chicken – Smokin’ Tex BBQ
    Ribs –BBQFLY
    Pork –Christmas City BBQ
    Brisket –Top Gun BBQ

    Grand Champion –Lo’ -N- Slo’ BBQ
    Reserve Grand Champion –Smokin Foolz BBQ

    Check out the full competition results here.