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  1. Boo-B-Que Rehoboth Beach, DE

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    Another great event in Delaware on the coast!  This year, Sandy Fulton’s Boo B Que brought over 70 teams to the Delaware shore for Boo B Que!

    The weather was decent this year, and a lot of fun was had by all with the annual Friday night Halloween celebration.  A lot of the teams decorated which made for a fantasticly festive atmosphere.
    The winds blew in on Saturday morning making for a challenging cooking environment.  But that sure didn’t slow down 3Eyz BBQ who won Grand Champion honors, with Aporkalypse now taking RGC.
    Also, a huge congratulations to the Gunter Wilhelm DE MABA Cup Champion Hog Street Bullies.  Great job Brian Reamer!  We look forward to seeing you at BBQ Gives Back in March!
    Full KCBS results here.