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  1. BBQ Gives Back Crowns Good Smoke as the Gunter Wilhelm MABA Cup Champion

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    by Luke Darnell, MABA President and pitmaster for Old Virginia Smoke

    You may have needed an ark to get to your site, and you may have been on the search for “umami,” but this year’s BBQ Gives Back did not disappoint.

    This was the first year that the competition was a double contest, and by and large the event was a great success from organizers Bill and Mary Jones.

    This year’s event, as always, featured a contest within a contest, pitting all 8 of the Gunter Wilhelm MABA Cup winners against each other for the MABA Cup Championship.  New this year, however, was that the MABA Cup winners would combine both scores for a two day total to crown their champion.

    Day 1 featured some grizzly weather, but the teams endured.  Who Cares BBQ was crowned GC for Day 1, with Good Smoke as RGC.

    The weather improved with Day 2, and double was very successful.  On Day 2, Good Smoke BBQ was the GC with Old Virginia Smoke winning RGC.

    Their 2 day combined total gave Good Smoke the Gunter Wilhelm MABA Cup Championship!

    Also at this event, BBQData.com provided an award for the two day score winner which was also Good Smoke.

  2. BBQ Gives Back Urbanna, VA

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    By Luke Darnell, MABA President and Pitmaster of Old Virginia Smoke

    BBQ Gives Back was a rousing start to the beginning of the MABA season, and sure didn’t disappoint. The weather wasn’t too bad for the end of March, but was still chilly. Teams from all over MABA-land flocked into Bethpage Campground to try their hand at three different interconnected contests…BBQ Gives Back, The Virginia Grands, and the MABA Cup Championship.

    Bill and Mary Jones, and all of their volunteers, have really created a great contest to start off the season in the mid atlantic. Each year this contest gets better and better, and each year generates more and more money for Operation BBQ Relief.

    Congrats to the winner of the MABA Cup Championship, Lo-n-Slo BBQ, representing the good state of Pennsylvania!

    Congrats to the winner of the Virginia Grands Championship, and the Grand Champion of BBQ Gives Back, Who Cares BBQ!

    Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to Pigheaded BBQ on a hard fought RGC. Great job Ron and team.

    Keep your eyes on this event, as it promises to get bigger and better in the next year!

    Full KCBS results here.

  3. BBQ Gives Back Urbanna, VA

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    Submitted by…The Masked BBQ Writer



    The first BBQ Gives Back challenge was held in Urbanna, Virginia.  Bill and Mary Jones and their team put together a really nice first year event at the Bethpage Camping Resort.  Each team had a full site with hookups abound.  The weekend weather was exceptional for March, and 64 teams were signed up for what is probably the earliest MABA contest ever held.   The contest made a nice donation to Operation BBQ Relief and packed up food and canned goods for a local food bank as well.  Nice job BBQ Gives Back!

    BBQ Gives Back was unique in that it was a standard KCBS contest with two other contests within the main contest.  Confused?  Yeah, so were some competitors, but Bill and the team were able to sort out everything and keep the contest flowing nicely.  The two “sub” contests were the MABA State Cup Champions Cookoff (Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association) and the Virginia Grands Championship.  The MABA State Cup winners competed against each other using their position in the overall standings and Forest Hill, Maryland’s Rockin’ Robyn’s BBQ came out on top of a tough group of State Cup winners!  In the Virginia Grands contest, Wolf’s Revenge BBQ took home top honors.

    On the KCBS side of the field Old Virginia Smoke won the Chicken category.  Richmond’s own Wolf’s Revenge with Chiles Cridlin took home the big trophy in Ribs.  K&D Smokers with Kevin and Debbie Gary out of Winston Salem, NC took home top honors in Pork while Chris and Joan Clegg of Rhode Hog BBQ from where else but Rhode Island took 1st in Brisket.  Nice job to all that were called in each category.

    The Grand Champion on the KCBS side was Wolf’s Revenge BBQ and Reserve Grand went to Brian and Shannon Turner of Muttley Crew BBQ.  Great job in a really stacked field of competitors itching to get their BBQ season started!

    Individual meat winners:

    Chicken – Old Virginia Smoke
    Ribs – Wolf’s Revenge
    Pork – K & D Smokers
    Brisket – Rhode Hog BBQ

    Grand Champion – Wolf’s Revenge
    Reserve – Muttley Crew BBQ

    Full results can be found here.